The Benefits Of Marketing Your Website With Videos

List of Video Marketing TipsIt is not a secret that video marketing has become a big part of companies’ marketing strategy. This year alone we have witnessed Twitter introducing Video Autoplay in their packages, and Facebook is giving advertisers the advantage of using videos in their post. Moreover, Facebook has introduced a system where companies could buy video ads. Besides, we have witnessed the rise of live streaming videos through Meerkat and Periscope.

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All the increase in video marketing activities has been contributed by a market research that was conducted on videos. The statistic showed that 59% of viewers would watch a video to the end that is less than one minute. The same research also stated that 93% of all mobile users share and view videos sent to other or received. 65% of all videos watched leads to people taking action after watching a particular video, and 39% of the number would go even an extra step to call a business/vendor after watching a video.

The Benefits Of Videos

It is clear that by the information stated above, video marketing plays a very big role in driving traffic to a website. It does not matter which niche you are in; there are many benefits why you should market your website using videos:
1. The Psychological Benefit

As humans, we have been created in a funny and yet unique way. For example, a person is more likely to remember what they saw rather than reading. Moreover, people are more likely to associate with a video compared to contents or ads.

2. The Conversion Benefit

Videos offer the leading conversion rate. A person is more likely to buy a product or click on a website explained in a video compared to ads. Big companies like Amazon, Dell and other online companies have publicly shared statistics showing that a posted video can increase customer purchase by 35%.

3. The Efficiency Benefit

It not a secret that people do share videos every day. You can find a lot of videos on social media, phones and even on computers. The efficiency of video marketing is so high, which in turn increases traffic to a website through different platforms and devices.

4. Emotional Benefits

Videos offer the opportunity to use both sight and sound to convey your message. This creates an emotional attachment with your viewers. According to psychology, from the moment we are born, we learn to read facial expression and become emotionally attached.