Tile Floor Installation 101- Steps in installing floor tiles

People have started coming up with various ways in which they are trying to make their homes the best place by ensuring that they have made good floors that will support their activities and also give their houses a good look. The floor is important, and this article aims at giving you the relevant information on how to ensure that you have the best tiles on your floor. Below is a discussion of the various important steps that you should follow to ensure that you have laid the tiles as required of you. For more information on tile installation, visit tileinstallationphoenix.net.


Before you begin laying the tiles, you should ensure that you have prepared the subfloor adequately. Before you start laying the tiles, you should remove them and mix them up to ensure that the various minor color difference do not cause any form of mixed colors after laying them down. This will help you in avoiding any chances of creating unwanted patterns on the floor. You should keep in mind that the floor tiles ought to be laid in a manner that the very first tile is placed in the middle, and then you may proceed to work on that. Follow the following steps to ensure that you come out on the floor that you have always desired.

Steps 1
Mix the provided polymer modified thin set motor according to the instructions given by your manufacturer. Carry out the mixing procedures inside a bucket as recommended and ensure that you follow the instructions that you have been given.

Step 2
Beginning from the reference line ensure that you cross inside the middle of the room and spread the mortar using the trowel (the thin sides of the trowel) in about a considerable area of 3 by 3 feet. You should always ensure that the set reference lines are by no chance obscured.

Step 3
Using the edge of the trowel, go ahead and conduct the application of the mortar holding it at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 4
Conduct the removal of the existing excess mortar using the trowel and later return it to the bucket.

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Step 5
Lay your tiles without crossing the set reference lines. If you want to achieve the best results, you should twist and light press the tiles to set them in the mortar.

Step 6
Ensure that you have placed the tile spacers at the edge of the tile that you have placed at the center.

After carrying out all of the above steps, you may go ahead and start installing the others using the pattern that you had originally designed. You can also get great information and special deals on the Tile Installation Phoenix Twitter Feed.