The Best Way To Trim A Palm Tree

Palm trees are very low maintenance, and homeowners tend not to need to worry about trimming these trees consistently. However, it is almost essential that this type of tree has an occasional trim. There are numerous tips you can follow when you find yourself willing to trim your palm trees.

Once you plant a palm tree on your property, you will not pamper it on a regular basis. But, a trim will help you to keep your palm tree healthy and to search as best as it could. When you are prepared to have your tree trimmed, you should look at hiring a professional palm tree trimming company.

Why Your Palm Tree May Need A Trim

One of the most common misconceptions is when you trim a palm tree on a regular basis, it will grow faster. What many homeowners will not realize is the fact palm trees receive their nutrients from your leaves or fronds from the plant. When a lot of leaves is removed at some point, the growth of the tree slows, along with the plant loses nutrients. The tree then becomes more susceptible to disease and pests.


Palm trees provide an amazing ability to replace dead leaves with new ones. When fronds are removed prematurely, new ones do not grow in their places. This weakens the palm tree. Most experts recommend only trimming the brown and yellow fronds in the tree. These dead leaves can harbor pests and rodents.

The Way A Palm Tree Ought To Be Trimmed

An experienced tree trimming service will never only take away the yellow and brown fronds; the service may also remove fruit stalks and flowers. These flowers and stalks can get rid of the energy the palm tree must grow new fronds. These flowers could also cause stains on concrete and painted surfaces, as well as result in a safety hazard for those walking the palm tree.

If you find green leaves that really must be removed, make sure that the leaves are dropping at an angle that is below the parallel level to the ground. The boots from the tree should also be removed. Nevertheless, they should only be removed by hand. Once they can not be removed without having to use tools, permit them to remain on the tree.

When searching for an experienced tree trimming service, be sure to select one who is certified. A certified arborist is committed to looking after trees. You can even search for landscaping services that focus on taking care of palm trees.

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